A Complete Smart Home Solution

INNEXIA - A Complete Smart Home Solution designed & developed by INTECH, a technology giant with more than 14 years of expertise in Industrial & Port Automation.

The idea for INNEXIA came from the experience of complexity in home automation products on the market, but no one is a master at compiling all the products on a single platform where end-users get the ease of handling different types of applications and the freedom to choose multi-brand automation products that can run smoothly under a single platform.

We build Smart Homes by integrating all the existing devices and appliances to establish an ecosystem connected wirelessly via the Internet.

Our IoT solutions create a profound impact on the quality of life of users by providing them with the utmost comfort. Users can control or manage every device and give commands through unified and simplified applications.

Proud to Build the Make in India Solution for the globe. Make In INDIA