Frequently Asked Question!

INNEXIA is a Make in India solution to make your home Smart- safe & secure.

Yes, there is a completely customize the solution as per your requirement so it is completely affordable for 2 & 3 BHK houses.

Simply you just required HDMI Supported TV & Internet connection.

Definitely Yes, Our Sensors and application show you the real-time lighting usages so with just a single click you can off the non-using lights or devices.

We have chosen each hardware part very genuinely & build INNEXIA so user-friendly. Also, our tech team had tested it rigorously in all conditions as per the industry standard. While developing INNEXIA we have followed all Standard compliances related to Hardware & Software.

We called it a Smart – Safe – Secure solution. We also provide a Smart Door Lock, Door window Sensors, Motions Sensor & Panic button through which your home is completely secured.

While designing the whole concept we studied the Indian family culture & we prepare the solution which supports all generation from Old age people to the child. So we made this solution in such a way thus anybody can use it easily without having technical knowledge.

We use ZigBee technology which creates its own powerful network so it can work with 3G internet speed even, the Internet is required only you operate from outside of the home.

The Beauty of INNEXIA is a completely retrofit solution so not change in your current wiring & even in the existing interior also fixed well.

Our Expert visit to your house will reduce the time of Installation. It just takes approx. 5hrs of time to make your home Intelligent.

It’s very easy. Our device is not bidden with the house. we can easily replace it at the new place. Our expert team will support you in this condition.

Yes, while designing the concept of INNEXIA we have kept the Child lock facility in our Project to avoid unnecessary hiccups.

Yes, All Device of INNEXIA is Like a Plug & Play so your all existing device dependency is very less in setup INNEXIA.

Same as mobile updates we have also planned periodically updates release system which can make your system day by day mature & provide you higher advantage continuously.

We have prepared this system not only to secure your home we also to consider the data security of any user & we followed all the Security compliances of related to Hardware & Software. (The service is HIPAA eligible and PCI DSS, SOC, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, and ISO 9001 compliant)

Our Technical expert will be with you till the complete set-up of INNXIA at your home. Our Team is also trained enough to support and guide you to provide a complete experience of INNEXIA.

If you have some technical background then our team will support you OR we can come to your place to install and configure any new device with INNEXIA.