Hands-free voice control from Alexa

The INNEXIA HUB is integrated with Alexa

Smart & Secure Home in just five Simple Steps

Experience INNEXIA

Experience INNEXIA

Get the personalized Experience of the INNEXIA

Site Inspection

Site Inspection

Our expert inspect your home & design your INNEXIA plan

Estimation & Order

Estimation & Order

Train you enough to self-realization in a very simple way

Hassle-free Installation

Hassle-free Installation

Hassle-free installation by our expert team in a single half day.

Smart Home Is Ready

Smart Home Is ready

Your home become Intelligent / Your Home is now Smart Home.

Welcome To
Smart, Safe & Secure Homes

Smart Home is not Luxury but Necessity!

Smart Home is not Luxury BUT Necessity!

Smart electronic devices are meant to make our life easy. But now we are surrounded by so many devices that it has created clutter around us. So here is INNEXIA – to make Smart, Safe & Secure Home.

Now it is time to make Home more connected by opting for the INNEXIA, it will definitely make your home more Interactive.

What we offer with
INNEXIA Home Automation

Smart Home is not Luxury but Necessity!

Safe Homes

  • Control smart home remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Ensure safety of your Home with Panic button & Motion sensor
  • Take your home with you

Smart Homes

  • Control most of your smart Home appliances with one tap
  • Control your curtains with just your voice
  • Control your lights your way
  • “Out of Home” “Back to Home” modes in single click
Smart Home is not Luxury but Necessity!
Smart Home is not Luxury but Necessity!

New Age Homes

  • Socialize with neighbors by using video calling, Watch party on TV
  • Gaming with friends
  • 5 ways to control home (Mobile / Remote / Voice / TV / Switch)

INNEXIA helps you everywhere.

Seamless Solution that enhance your Comfort & Security at your place.
The mobile control applications of INNEXIA , contribute to your peace of mind even when you are away from the place.

Home Automation

Make your home more connected.

Building Automation

Commercial Building Amenities Management

Office Automation

Make your office amenities smart

Let INNEXIA make your place safer

Almost every electrical device and system in your home can be automated, Managed via a smart device or DLP panel.
Centralized or autonomous control has never been so easy.