Relay Switch

Introducing Innexia Relay Switch:

Empowering Your Smart Home Effortlessly
Upgrade your home into a smart haven without altering your interiors with the Innexia Relay Switch. This ingenious device discreetly resides behind your existing switchboard, eliminating the need for rewiring and maintaining the integrity of your design. Let’s delve into the transformative features that set the Innexia 2/5 Relay Switch apart:

No Rewiring Required

Say goodbye to complex rewiring endeavours. The Innexia Relay Switch eradicates the need for extensive electrical work, ensuring a straightforward installation that respects your daily routine.

Seamless Installation

Upgrade your home automation effortlessly. The Innexia Relay Switch is designed for easy installation, fitting seamlessly into existing switch boxes without requiring any rewiring or major modifications. This means you can enjoy the benefits of smart control without disrupting your interior design.

Versatile Trigger Methods

Take command using various methods – from cube and dash buttons to mobile apps, remotes, and voice assistants like Alexa. This flexibility lets you control your home environment from anywhere within your space, without the constraints of traditional switches.

Automated Intelligence

Experience intelligent living through pre-programmed schedules. The Innexia Relay Switch can automate events based on your preferences, such as turning lights on and off at specific times, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of your home.

Welcome to a world where convenience marries elegance. The Innexia Relay Switch reimagines your interaction with technology, harmonising effortlessly with your existing setup while providing unmatched control and connectivity. Experience the transformation without upheaval with the Innexia Relay Switch – where innovation meets elegance behind the scenes.