Door/Window Sensor

Introducing Innexia Door Window Sensor: Elevating Home Security and Control

Unlock a new level of home security and convenience with the Innexia Door Window Sensor. This advanced sensor offers a seamless way to enhance the safety of your space while providing effortless control without relying on a phone. Let’s explore the standout features that define the Innexia Door Window Sensor:

Phone-Free Control

Embrace a hands-free approach to home management. The Innexia Door Window Sensor allows you to monitor and control your doors and windows without the need for constant smartphone interaction, offering an intuitive and convenient experience.

Energy Efficiency

Designed with sustainability in mind, the Innexia Door Window Sensor is engineered to be energy-efficient, ensuring it operates effectively while minimising its environmental impact.

Internet-Independent Operation

Stay in command even when your internet connection is unstable or offline. The Innexia Door Window Sensor operates autonomously, ensuring continuous functionality and security regardless of internet availability.

Safety and Security

Prioritise the safety of your home and loved ones. The Innexia Door Window Sensor enhances your security measures, providing real-time alerts and notifications whenever a door or window is opened or closed, enabling you to stay vigilant at all times.

Welcome to a realm of heightened security and control. The Innexia Door Window Sensor redefines the way you safeguard and manage your home, seamlessly integrating efficiency, energy-consciousness, and safety into one indispensable device. Elevate your home’s security with the Innexia Door Window Sensor – where peace of mind meets cutting-edge technology.
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