Our Solutions

Smart Office

Smart Modes

INNEXIA introduces Smart Modes for offices, enabling seamless transitions throughout the workday. With just a tap, switch between “Meeting Mode” to set the lights to a conducive level, “Presentation Mode” for audio-visual setups, or “Break Mode” for relaxation. Smart Modes streamline office operations, ensuring a smooth and productive work environment.

Smart Schedule

With the help of Innexia’s end devices Office automation becomes effortless with Smart Scheduling. Set predefined schedules for lighting, and other devices to match the workday. For example, the system can automatically turn on lights before employees arrive and power down devices after working hours, promoting energy efficiency and cost savings.

Easy to Monitor & Control

INNEXIA’s user-friendly interface makes office management a breeze. Managers and employees can remotely monitor and control smart devices through the mobile app & end devices, granting easy access to lighting, security systems, and more. Real-time monitoring empowers efficient resource management and enhances security and comfort.

Energy Efficient

INNEXIA prioritises energy efficiency in the office setting. With Smart Scheduling and the ability to monitor and control devices remotely, unnecessary energy consumption is minimised.