Our Innovations

At Innexia, we’re proud to be in control of both the hardware and software sides of our smart solutions.
This means your data and privacy are in safe hands, and here’s how:

Our Own Hardware

 we’ve developed our own hardware like the HUB , Access point and relay switches. This gives us complete control over the design and manufacturing process, ensuring quality and security. Your data flows through systems we’ve built and thoroughly tested, so there are no weak links where breaches can occur.

Proprietary Software

With the help of 14 yrs of experience Our software is custom-built to work seamlessly with our hardware. This integration results in a more reliable and secure experience for you. We continually update and improve our software to stay ahead of potential threats and to provide you with the best possible performance.

Your Data, Your Privacy

We understand that your data is sensitive, and your privacy is non-negotiable. Innexia is committed to keeping your information confidential. Our robust security measures safeguard your data from prying eyes and potential threats. You’re in charge of who can access your data, giving you peace of mind.

Made in India

We’re proud to be part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Our products are designed, manufactured, and supported right here in India. This not only ensures quality but also contributes to our nation’s technological growth.

In summary, Innexia’s commitment to your data security and privacy is unwavering. With our in-house hardware and software solutions, you can trust that your smart home or office is well-protected. And it’s a point of pride for us that our products are crafted in India, supporting local innovation and industry. Your trust is our top priority.”