Dash Button

Introducing Innexia Dash Button: Elevate Home Control to a Simple Press

Experience the future of effortless home control with the Innexia Dash Button. This compact yet powerful device allows you to command your smart home without the need for a phone, unlocking a new realm of convenience and customization. Let’s explore the distinctive features that make the Innexia Dash Button a game-changer:

Phone-Free Mastery

Free yourself from your phone's confines. The Innexia Dash Button empowers you to manage your smart devices seamlessly, enabling instant actions without reaching for your smartphone.

Tailored Routines

Craft your ideal smart home routine effortlessly. The Innexia Dash Button lets you create customised sequences that cater to your lifestyle, making your environment respond to your unique preferences.

Versatile Commands

Harness the versatility of the Innexia Dash Buttons actions. Whether it's a single click, double click, or long press, each gesture triggers specific commands, enabling dynamic and nuanced control.

SOS Functionality

Safety takes centre stage with the Innexia Dash Button. With its SOS feature, it becomes a lifeline for children and elders, summoning help when needed urgently.

Internet-Independent Ingenuity

The Innexia Dash Button operates seamlessly, even when your internet connection falters. Your home remains under your command, ensuring continuous functionality.

Welcome to the era of simplified home control. Innexia Dash Button redefines the way you interact with your smart devices, putting the power of innovation and customization at your fingertips. Elevate your home experience with the Innexia Dash Button – where a single press ignites a world of possibilities.