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INNEXIA, the top Smart Home Automation Company in Gandhinagar, is about simplifying life. For more than 14 years, we’ve been the go-to choice for automation needs. We can link up all your gadgets and devices using the latest IoT technology. This means you can control them from anywhere, whether it’s turning on lights or adjusting the thermostat.
We’re known for our smart solutions in homes, offices, and commercial buildings. Our specialty lies in creating spaces that work for you effortlessly. Want your office to be more secure and automated? We’ve got you covered. Need to control your home gadgets from your phone? We can make it happen. At INNEXIA, we’re here to make your life easier and more convenient with our innovative and precise engineering.

Why Choose Innexia ?

Remote Control

Immerse yourself in control by managing, monitoring, and automating your home from anywhere with the best smart home automation company in Gandhinagar, whether you're across the globe.

Totally wireless

Embrace a wire-free future with Innexia's range of wireless smart home devices. No external hub required, ensuring a clutter-free experience

Easy Installation

Transforming your home into a smart haven is a breeze with our quick installation. No rewiring, no hassle – just pure innovation with Innexia, a smart home automation company in Gandhinagar.

Customer Support

Ensuring your peace of mind, we offer reliable customer support dedicated to securing your home.

Our Components

Magic Cube

Interact effortlessly with your smart home, where customization and control are at your fingertips, creating a magical experience.

Innexia Hub

Converge convenience, privacy, and connectivity with our revolutionary Zigbee protocol-powered hub, redefining smart living.

Smart Loack

Elevate security and convenience with unparalleled control over access, providing an advanced solution.

Door / Window Sensor

Enhance safety seamlessly with advanced sensors, offering effortless control and peace of mind.

Relay Switch

Upgrade your home without altering interiors. Discreetly residing behind your switchboard, it brings smart living without rewiring.

Dash Button

Experience the future of effortless home control with this powerful device, allowing you to command your smart home without a phone.

Build your Smart Home in Gandhinagar with Innexia

Welcome to Innexia Smart Home - Your Premier Choice for Home Automation in Gandhinagar!

Enhance your lifestyle with Innexia Smart Home solutions tailored to your needs. Experience the convenience and security of automated living in Gandhinagar with our state-of-the-art technology.

Smart Home Automation Company in Baroda

Customized Solutions for an Efficient and Secure Home

Discover personalized automation solutions designed to make your home more efficient and secure. With Innexia, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is equipped with cutting-edge technology to meet your lifestyle needs.
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Seamless Compatibility with Top Home Automation Systems

Innexia Smart Home systems seamlessly integrate with leading home automation platforms, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. Experience the power of interconnected smart devices that work together to enhance your living experience.

Smart Lighting and Smart Switches in Baroda

Explore Smart Lighting and Smart Switches in Gandhinagar

Discover the convenience of smart lighting and switches with Innexia. Control your lights and appliances from anywhere with ease, making your home more energy-efficient and comfortable.

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Leading Home Automation Company in Gandhinagar

As the top home automation company in Gandhinagar, Innexia is committed to delivering innovative solutions that transform the way you live. With our expertise and dedication, we are revolutionizing smart living in the region.

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Invest in Your Future with Innexia Smart Homes

Invest in the future of your home with Innexia Smart Homes. Experience the benefits of automation that enhance your lifestyle, increase security, and save energy. Join the smart home revolution with Innexia today!

Compatible with

Alexa, TV, and various other smart home devices. Innexia is the ideal choice for anyone looking to integrate smart living.
Deep PatelDeep Patel
13:14 08 Jan 24
Excellent Experience.....Very user friendly especially by Elderly and even kids. Best part no rework on wiring was needed.
shivani thakurshivani thakur
10:36 05 Jan 24
Amazing automation solutions.I think you should always stay in touch with the latest technologies. And this is the best automation service with good support system.
Rekha BorbanRekha Borban
13:10 04 Jan 24
After installing the innexia first thing that I had noticed it is helping me in electricity for long term and best part is that It works without internet as well....
Vishwajit GirdhariVishwajit Girdhari
06:51 04 Jan 24
INNEXIA is an awesome product and helped me create my dream smart home. Thank you so much.
Pranjal SahuPranjal Sahu
05:47 03 Jan 24
i've installed innexia because of my grandparents .N it'll really helpfull in day-to-day task.It make our life very easier and comfortable.
05:18 03 Jan 24
Its been more than a month, I have been using Innexia at my home. I Must say this is must needed product for Urban family, Its works very seamless and most eye catching thing is this product works without Internet/WIFI.Kudos to Innexia Team for this Wonderful Product. #HappyCustomer
Swati PatelSwati Patel
06:19 12 Dec 23
Without changing any wirings, switch boards, fans or lights INNEXIA home automation system has done a magic.It is so easy turning on and off all devices with just a touch with mobile application or voice command.Changed and made my routine life effortless. It is very helpful for me.
Nikunj SanghadiaNikunj Sanghadia
12:18 11 Dec 23
Product is really good. Installing is quite simple even in existing house and infrastructure. Support is listening to the concerns. All configured electric appliances control from mobile phone is best feature.
Arun BhimaniArun Bhimani
07:44 08 Dec 23
Using INNEXIA Home Automation since last 1 year and I found its made my life very comfortable, secured. Very easy to use and feature rich product from INTECH.After usage of INNEXIA for 1 year, no one in my home remembered switches in the board, all devices operated from voice command or mobile or magic cube and push buttons.

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